Our God is the great creator.  Why then are we, his bride, so afraid of innovation?  How do we integrate the amazing world we live in with the depth of the scripture and beautiful traditions of the church?  At Mission Studio we want to give you the tools and a safe community in which to figure that out.

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Church Planting and Missions Tools

We have partnered with CO.STARTERS, an entrepreneurship curriculum developer, to help provide the necessary tools and resources for Church Planters and Missionaries to think through their own entrepreneurial endeavor while authentically helping others in their community launch their own.



Fiscal Sponsorship

Not ready to fully step out in your new faith focused endeavor?  Come test it inside Mission Studio.  We provide your basic organizational structure while you learn about your idea and iterate to get it right.  

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Organizational Coaching

Church Leaders and Missionaries have ample spiritual direction, but how often are you taught about the realities of organizational management?  Come inside Mission Studio to learn from faithful followers of Jesus who have studied this and practiced it in various contexts.